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1. Name

The name of the organisation is Blyth Freshwater Angling Club The area of benefit is Blyth Valley and its local surrounding areas.

2. Aims

To effectively manage, develop and protect all waters which are entrusted to the club, their surrounding environment and resident wildlife, to the highest possible standard. These aims will encompass the deterrence of trespass and vandalism. To actively encourage people of all ages to become involved in freshwater fishing. To hold regular meetings to facilitate good fishing practice, to teach freshwater fishing techniques and to promote and encourage safe practice.

3. Equal opportunities

The club in all conduct of its affairs prohibits discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, gender, age, sexuality, disability, or religion.

4. Membership

a) Membership is open to anyone living in the area of benefit who wishes to support the aims, but membership of the club shall be restricted in number which deems to be supportable by the facilities available to the club. This is currently 150.

b) Annual subscriptions will be due on or before the 31st December of each year and shall entitle members to the club for the ensuing calendar year. Members will not be able to fish the club waters after 31st December unless such fees are paid. Applicants on incapacity benefit or upwards (D.L.A) are entitled to a disabled membership. Members who do not renew their subscriptions prior to 31 January shall cease to be members of the club, any such members have the right of appeal to the committee. All appeals must be in writing and addressed to the chair of the club.

There will be no joining fee for disabled or junior members.

5. Members meetings

a) The Annual General Meeting (A.G.M) will be held in December of each year.

b) An Extraordinary General Meeting (E.G.M) shall be called by the committee or upon receipt of a motion, calling for such a meeting, which has been signed by no fewer than fifteen members of the club.

c) General meetings will be held on the last Tuesday of every month.

d) A minimum of two weeks notice, advising date, time and venue of any meeting must be given to the all members of the club, by whichever means are available and deemed suitable by the committee.

e) An AGM or EGM shall require a quorum or five members and two executive members.

f) Proposed changes to the constitution shall be in writing to the secretary at least three weeks prior to the date of an A.G.M or E.G.M.

g) Subscriptions levels shall be set by the membership at a general meeting.

h) Officials will be elected by members at an A.G.M, but the committee can co-opt in special circumstances.

6 Management committee

a) The committee shall be responsible for the management of the club in pursuit of its aims las laid down in the constitution.

b) The elected committee shall comprise of an executive chairman, secretary, treasurer, vice chairman and a number of other members who shall be elected by the membership of the club and hold office for two years for executive and one year for ordinary committee members.

c) Club members who are committee members of other angling clubs shall not be eligible for election to the committee.

d) Club members who have not served as committee members for at least one year immediately prior to an election shall not be eligible for election to the executive committee.

e) Club members may be co-opted to the committee as deemed necessary by the committee.

f) A quorum of five of which two will be executive members will constitute a committee meeting.

g) Committee members must attend 60% of meetings.

h) If a committee member does not inform the secretary why they are not attending a meeting they will be classed as absent. If they do not attend 60% of meetings they will not be re-elected.

7 Finance

a) All funds belonging to or raised for the club must be paid into an account operated by and in name of the club at a bank or building society.

b) The financial year runs from the 1st December to the 30th of November each year.

c) All cheques drawn on the account must be signed by two members of the committee.

d) No member of the committee can be employed by the club or receive any payment or other benefit from its funds except for reasonable out of pocket expenses properly incurred for the purpose of the club.

e) All funds belonging to the club can only be used in furthering the aims of the club as set out above.

8. Dissolution

a) If the club decides at any time that it is necessary to dissolve the club it must call a meeting of all members.

b) If two-thirds of the members present vote in favour of dissolving the club the committee has the power to wind up the affairs of the club.

c) In the event of dissolution the members of the committee holding office will remain responsible for the orderly winding up of affairs of the club.

d) Any assets remaining after the satisfaction of proper debts and liabilities must be transferred to one or a number of voluntary organisations or registered charitable aims similar to those of the club.

Appendix (a)

1. Junior members will be allowed on club waters. 11 years and under must only fish with a senior member and must fish on the same peg.

2. 12 to 17-year-olds will be allowed to fish on a different peg, but must still be accompanied by a senior member.

3. Priority will be given to all junior members for senior membership when they become 18 years of age.

4. All members must adhere to this constitution.